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HPEC Game Overview Contact Info Products NEWS

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Unihockey Canada, Inc
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at the HPEC Conference 2001
, 2002, and 2003

Welcome to Unihockey Canada!
Pour l'information en franšais contacter (780) 906-6695 s. v. p.


Unihockey is the new Worldwide Hockey Game.

Exciting and Fun Off-ice Training for all Ice Hockey Players

Great School Sport

Fair and Fun Rules

Competitive and Recreational

Adult and Youth

Male and Female

Fastest Growing Game in Europe
(Unihockey has already outnumbered ice hockey in Sweden and Finland)

National Leagues

World Championships


Inexpensive and Safe

As Fast as Ice Hockey

Canadian Game of the Future

To find out how to get started and how to order sticks and balls, email your inquiries to the address below.