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Unihockey Tradition at the HPEC
Since 2001 Unihockey has been presented to all Teachers in Alberta at the
HPEC Conference

Unihockey Canada 
together with 
The Canadian Unihockey/Floorball Federation 
have made appreciated presentations
at the 2001, 2002, and 2003 HPEC Conference in Edmonton

Over 2000 physical education teachers attended the conferences which are traditionally held in May. The unihockey presentations attracted major interest, as most teachers found the "new" sport to be an ideal activity for the schools. 

The attendees have enjoyed informative and fun sessions, led by a group of four speakers.
Bjorn Kinding, former Olympic ice hockey coach,
Marc Meunier, fitness consultant and physical education teacher in St. Albert
Don Depoe, international ice hockey coach and teacher with EPSB,
Special guest, Johan Osterman, Swedish elite unihockey player.

The teachers were impressed by Johan Osterman's skills demonstration, and also surprised as they realize how big the sport is over in Europe.

Many schools have taken advantage of the special conference offers and are now enjoying the game during PE classes, intramurals, and school tournaments. If you missed the deadline for the conference offer, please contact Unihockey Canada, to inquire about extended offers and/or special offers.

It has been encouraging to follow the development of school teams and tournaments, and the discussions about how to make unihockey an official school sport.

If your school is planning on starting unihockey in the next school year, please contact Unihockey Canada (780-435-7868), and we will be glad to help you.