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Four Lions Clubs in the Edmonton Area
join forces to promote unihockey in the schools.

In the 2002-2003 school year, Lions Club of Edmonton Foundation started a unihockey program in six city centre schools.  The schools participated in a week long introduction, where after they formed their own training groups and teams. In May, the first Unihockey Challenge Cup was played in McCauley School. After a day filled with great efforts and good games, St. Basil School was the happy winner. 

For the coming school year three additional Lions Clubs have joined the program and a dozen new schools will be added to the program this year.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lions Club Unihockey Program, please contact Mr. Harry Anderson.

Lions Club's
City Centre School Program

  2002 - 2003

During the 2002-2003 school year the Lions Club of Edmonton Foundation will start a unihockey introduction program in six selected Edmonton City Centre schools. The purpose of this program is to familiarize students, teachers and parents with the internationally fast growing game of unihockey. Through providing the students with an opportunity to learn and enjoy the game, within the schools’ physical education sessions, and through educating and mentoring the teachers, the Foundation hopes to generate excitement about the game. This will lead to the forming of after school programs, the establishment of school and/or community teams, games, tournaments and leagues.


For many families, in today’s Canada, it is financially not possible to support their children to participate in traditional sports, such as ice hockey and soccer. This is particularly the case in the city centres, and is a big disadvantage for these children. Besides being locked out from the obvious health benefits of participating in a sport, they also miss the experience of being a member of a team and learning to work together. Young ambitious athletes, with dreams and goals, will not have the opportunity to strive for them, if the financial means are not there to support their training. Too often, the alternative is resignation and passivity, and in worse case scenarios, the substitute for a team could be a gang.


Playing unihockey is not the whole solution, but could very well be a part of the solution for some young boys and girls. Unihockey is a very inexpensive sport. The teachers and parent volunteers working together and utilizing the schools’ facilities and Lions Club’s participation in funding, could even make it a “no cost sport” for many children. The more people that join in, the more opportunities will be created and the more children will fill their lives with an exciting activity. In other countries with strong ice hockey traditions, unihockey has been enormously effective in activating kids, unable to participate in the traditional sports, as well as re-activating kids dropping out of other sports.


The City Centre Unihockey Program consists of three steps:

1.      Introduction week: A consultant will assist the teachers in introducing the game to the students.

2.      After school program: A teacher together with volunteer parents will begin training sessions for interested students.

3.      Tournament: The school will form active playing teams and support their participation in tournaments.


It is the Lions Club of Edmonton Foundation intention to invite all Lions Clubs to participate in this program. Through this program they hope to ignite a spark, that will spread a passionate fire, making unihockey take on a life of its own, and one day all Canadian children will have the opportunity to participate in this game. This is our ambition. This is our dream. This is our goal. And just like in unihockey, this goal can only be reached if we work together as a team. Schools and teachers, parents and students, we all call on YOU to join the team!


Lions Club of Edmonton Foundation

Chairman- Lion Harold Grace